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"NO! I don't want to spend summer away from home!" pouted Natalie after being informed that her parents were going away for the summer to the Hamptons. "but Princess, we can't leave you at home, you are only 15 years old...we will leave you with "Uncle" Bill, you'll have fun just you wait and see" With that he exited the room, leaving a disappointed Natalie alone. "He isn't even my real uncle! I hate it there! she fumed to herself The last thing that Natalie wanted to do was spend her time in some back water town without cable TV...oh she hated the south!

Every year without fail she was sent to her fathers friends house. She didn't particularly care for his wife or daughter...or anyone in that town for that matter. As per usual her parents put their needs before hers and she was shuttled off on airplane with her parents telling her they'd miss her in mock sincerity. They would soon be in their natural environment, and she would be in redneck heaven.

"You can pick up your bags at the section 23" - said the heavily painted stewardess. Even though she had been through this drill for seven summers and counting it never got easier. She absolutely hated coming here..and now she was going to have to pretend that she was glad to see Bill and the family again when they greeted her at the gate. Imagine her shock when she was greeted only by Bill. "Hello again Natalie...we've missed you" said Bill. "Thanks, but where are the others at?" Natalie said with disinterest. "Oh, they's gonna be in Atlanta for most of the summer, My daughter has cheer leading camp and my wife will be with her" he said in his annoying dialect. "Oh, I see" "...But we knew how much you'd be looking forward to seeing us so I agreed to watch you Myself... so it's jus' you and me kiddo" rolling her eyes, Natalie said "oh neato".

It was common knowledge in this town that Bill was a womanizer, and that piece of info Natalie learned from his own daughter! The previous summer his :angelic: daughter showed Natalie a cache of love letters that she had found in the attic of their very large house. The letters were obscene and juvenile. The two girls laughed out loud at the letters until the early morn. But now she was going to be alone the whole summer...she would have welcomed the company of his dimwit daughter instead of roaming aimlessly around the grounds of the house.

The ride home from the airport was uneventful, just filled with idle chatter about the previous summers events... the heavy iron gates swung open to let their car on the mansions grounds. Bill carried Natalie's bags to one of the guest rooms, informing her that dinner would be at 7. While unpacking her bags, she wondered why a man, would agree to take care of a teen when he could have had the entire summer to continue his womanizing ways with his trailer park trollops scattered all over town. She would have an answer to that question very sooooooooon!

"Natalie, I can't believe how much you've grown up since last summer, you've turned into a you have any boyfriends in Maine?" he said trying to stifle her laughter at his lame questions she just said "thank you,and no, I don't have any boyfriends" "Really a pretty girl like yourself, I find that hard to believe" Natalie soon realized that Bill's motives were less than pure. She was beginning to feel more like an entree than the dinner guest. Even at her young age she was not about to become a notch in his belt. She told him she had jet lag and returned to the guest room. The rest of the vacation was very uneventful....UNTIL....the day before her birthday... Bill said that he would like to have a special "sweet sixteen" party for me....except it would be a party for two.

"I took the liberty of purchasing a bottle of wine for this occasion babe..It'll go good with the cake I got you"...."thanks Bill" Natalie had always hated the term "babe". It was obvious that Bill had started drinking earlier in the day because his speech was already slurred and his eyes were glazed. He was :thisclose: to passing out as it was.Natalie felt this was the perfect time to teach this pompous redneck a lesson. "Cheers!" "Cheers" Cheers!" They toasted...but Natalie never took a sip.

Guiding him toward the master bedroom, she more or less pushed him onto the bed...and with a wicked grin she said "want me , don't you boy?" Natalie wasn't even waiting for an answer as she secured his wrist to the bed post .In his very inebriated state he was more than willing to play the young Girls game. " got some experience, ain't you girl?" "Shut the F*ck up, You Prick!" There's a new sheriff in town....Natalie be thy name!" He was suddenly stunned with his new found bondage...what started as him trying to seduce yet another girl has ended up with overly aggressive teen straddling his waist and pinching his nipples! Some days it doesn't pay to roll out of bed!

Reaching behind her she grabbed his tool with force...causing him extreme agony! His screams only fueled her desire to make this Neanderthal pay for the errs of his ways. "Perhaps you should think twice the next time you try to get a piece, eh? I mean, you never know what could happen!" she sneered at the helpless creature beneath her...he looked positively catatonic! "I'mmm sorry Natalie...why don't you just release me and we'll pretend it never happened" "Oh silly boy...we've just begun the evenings festivities!" with that said she took his testicles in hand and reminded him who was in charge! At this point she was tired of his screams and went to the dresser and grabbed a pair of his wives panties and shoved them his mouth to stifle his protests.

Natalie was amazed to discover that through all this "torture" Bill managed to get an erection! "Oh my God! Look at this...the beast has a hard-on!" "You want more...?" You could tell by the look in his eyes that he was also shocked that this treatment made him hard! "It would figure that you'd like're pathetic!" Natalie rose above him and unbuttoned her blouse letting drop onto his chest...he looked breasts with a grin. That did not please her at all....she kicked off her shoe and placed her bare foot over his eyes. "Did I say you could look at me?!" he mumbled something she couldn't understand. So here he was...ole "Uncle Bill" spread eagle on this king size bed, at the mercy of a sixteen year old! Natalie decided to take a seat between his thighs, she laid back, her head between his feet... and s-l-o-w-l-y she pushed the heel of her foot into his genital area....his voice was like a tea pot whistling, with the pressure of Natalie's foot nearing his jewels, his voice, even with a gag, would get louder and louder! This pleased Natalie to no she pressed her foot into his testicles she mockingly said...."Say Uncle...Bill" heehee~

With all the commotion in the room they were both unaware that they were not alone! Because there at the door, his wife and daughter were staring in disbelief!

"Bill, what in the hell is going on in here?" - HILLARY said breathlessly!

"Mommy...why is daddy all tied up...I'm scared!" said a frightened CHELSEA

Natalie felt it was only fair that I remove the gag from Bills mouth so he could answer his loving wife and daughters probing questions.
After clearing his throat he said something that I will never forget:

"Hillary....I feel your pain"
Interestingly enough that is the last summer I spent at the Clinton household.

And people wonder why I vote Republican.

*The End*

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